In 1987 ZUMRO, Inc. introduced “Air Shelters” to the USA. The original product was a decontamination Shelter. This “rapid deployable” shelter system had not been marketed in the USA so; once again, ZUMRO introduced a new product and concept into the Fire and Rescue market. The “DECON SHELTER” as it is now known, has become an integral part of most Hazmat and Fire Rescue Teams concerned with on-the-scene decontamination.

In 1993 ZUMRO introduced the much larger “EMERGENCY SHELTER” for the growing demand to use shelters in other operations besides decontamination. The Emergency Shelter earned recognition quickly due to its popularity with FEMA sponsored deployable USAR teams. In 1998 the growing concern for domestic Chemical Biological Terrorism brought a high demand for rapid deployable “Mass” Decontamination Systems. The unique design of the Emergency Shelter allowed for extensive custom work to fill this need. ZUMRO Shelters are now currently available in 9 different sizes, 8 colors and countless custom-tailored configurations. The ability to customize ZUMRO’s Air Shelters has made it the most popular inflatable air shelter for Fire Departments, Hospitals, EMS, EMA, military and law enforcement services in the US and worldwide.


Hamisco Industrial Sales Inc. is among Southwestern Ontario’s leading safety experts and major distributors of industrial, health and safety products. Hamisco is a one stop – safety solution provider offering value added services and solutions for a comprehensive safety package. We are proud to be partnered with hundreds of leading global suppliers, offer specialized technical services and training, and provide valuable safety solutions customized to meet our customers’ individual needs.

Our priority is to ensure our customers receive quality and regulatory approved products at competitive prices supported by exceptional customer service. Our extensive product knowledge, diverse experience and commitment to provide innovative safety solutions allow us to provide our customers with efficient and reliable options to comply with regulatory standards. Founded in 1975, Hamisco Industrial Sales Inc. is a family owned business located in London, Ontario.

Our on-site facility comprises of a 6000 square foot warehouse distribution center including a retail store, on- site training facilities, SRL inspection and service repair center, MSA gas detection service center and corporate office.

Our success depends on the success of our customers. Our commitment and attention to helping our customers succeed is built on integrity and knowledge in understanding and meeting their unique needs. We provide exceptional after sales and emergency support along with the expertise, facilities and equipment necessary to meet all of your needs.


SRN, Inc., DBA Stop Rubbernecking is a family owned and operated business, out of Bradenton Florida, that was started by Carl Cannova 3 years ago. Several years ago Mr. Cannova was stuck in traffic, and when he reached the accident he noticed people taking pictures, slowing down and gawking at a fatal accident that should have been kept private. Keeping it from public view would have not only kept traffic moving quicker but it would have given the victims of the accident and their families the privacy that they needed in a very difficult time. It would have also provided the officers and public officials, on the scene, the safety and security that they needed to conduct their investigation.

After years of product research and development the uniquely designed SRN 1000 was created, keeping in mind Quality, Durability and Simplicity. Throughout the years we have reengineered the SRN 1000, by listening to our client’s needs. Our System is manufactured using the most durable components with product longevity in mind.

The entire system is manufactured from high-quality steal, produced in the USA and housed in a mobile Travel Bag that fits in a trunk of a vehicle and the System deploys within minutes. The SRN 1000 is weather resistant and conveniently mobile. We have designed the System giving you the ability to angle it and add to the length utilizing it in various ways.

We take great pride in the construction of the SRN 1000 to make sure that each and every one of our customers is 100% satisfied with their purchase, because you’re not only a customer but a part of our family here at SRN, Inc.